Posted on 11.12.12

Anna Martens – Director of Innovation, FreeRangePDX


My job is to cultivate big product ideas and bring them to life. I am so fortunate to spend my days thinking up and creating new products with super talented and inspirational people—it’s a dream job. I get to meet inventors and roll their amazing ideas past the great minds of others for their feedback.

I was raised in Portland, and I’ve moved away many times in search of the ideal location for work and outdoor play, but I keep coming back, and this time for good. Nowhere have I found a place that keeps me so mentally stimulated and physically exhausted. I can mountain bike, ski, hike, or walk on the beach within an hour, and yet interact with the most creative, inspiring, and skilled minds. People are real people in Portland, and don’t just talk about their ideas but make them happen: fabricating bikes, creating wineries, opening toy shops, cooking great food, designing clothes. All of that and an international airport with mass transit. Ahhh.