Design Museum Mornings: Solutioneers to Unicorns

June 28, 2019 -- 8:30am - 10am
FAAS (412 NW Couch St)

How might the world’s unicorns uplift designers of the future by engaging with their former selves?

A ‘unicorn’ has many definitions – primarily, it is used in reference to an individual who has surpassed the odds and become successful within their given field. In Portland, a unicorn is often described as a woman of color who has obtained a successful career as a designer. Our city is flush with aspiring creatives who bring their personal and professional experience to the table, expanding design as we know it and creating impactful products and services to broader communities. For these individuals, a mentor is key; someone who has become a proud unicorn and aims to give back to their younger selves by sharing their expertise and wisdom, thereby boosting the potential impact of the design industry.

Angela Medlin, CEO and Founder of FAAS and House Dogge, is one such unicorn. From a decades-long career in functional apparel design, Angela embarked on a new journey to take aspiring designers from around the world under her wing and give them intensive, hands-on, mentorship-based, real-world experience and education at FAAS – the Functional Apparel and Accessories Studio.

Join Angela for a morning of inspirational storytelling as she delves into her personal history becoming a successful functional apparel designer, and how she took the leap to apply everything she learned to invigorating a new generation of diverse ‘Solutioneers.’

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