From Brand to Cult – Leveraging the tools that drive customer loyalty

October 4, 2018 -- 8:30am-10:30am

Why do some companies create such strong affection for their brands that their customers feel compelled to rave about them? They create value beyond product features and benefits, price, and service. Learn about the tools companies use to build long term value on purpose from the outdoor industry’s leading loyalty architect Craig Wilson.

Craig Wilson is a leading authority on loyalty, brand development, and direct marketing. He counts some of the world’s most iconic brands in his listing of experience, including Kiehl’s, Patagonia, Seventh Generation, prAna Living, Revolution Living, among others. He is the author of The Compass and the Nail in which he presents a model that defines how companies, governments, and institutions relate to their end users, illuminating how to leverage the phenomenon of “following.” He consults, teaches, and conducts workshops on optimizing human interactive experiences. Craig is a National Champion coach, the co-author of a peer-reviewed study on advocacy, and the founder of Compass and Nail, a strategic consultancy, focused on the importance of cultural empathy in brand relationships in the new global economy. Craig serves on advisory boards for Revant Optics, The Renewal Workshop, and ánimana, businesses featuring emerging models of sustainability and social responsibility.