Portland Maker Tour

December 2, 2018
Consign Couture (7400 N Lombard)

On this Portland Shopping Tour, you will meet the makers! We will chauffeur you by bus to four different local studios where you will meet the people behind the brand and get a glimpse into the hard work, love and soul that goes into locally made clothing and goods.

This experience will include:

  • Coffee & breakfast treats to kick the tour off
  • Chauffeured bus to get you to each location on the tour
  • Wine served throughout the tour
  • Giveaways throughout the tour
  • Lunch at The Society Hotel

We’re very excited for this special edition of Portland Shopping Tours and can’t wait to show you the studios we’ve chosen. Since this tour will be held at the beginning of December, we will have gift wrapping available at the end of the tour for any holiday gifts you may have found along the way.

Photo credit: Altar PDX

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