Step Up and Be Heard: How Your Best Employees May Be Going Unnoticed

June 21, 2018 -- 1pm-4pm
Xenium HR (7401 SW Washo Court Suite 200 Tualatin, OR)

A big percentage of the workforce—an estimated 20 to 30%—is routinely overlooked for promotions, raises, and other growth opportunities because they’re not considered traditionally “successful.” Yet research has shown that organizations benefit from inclusive leadership, leadership that celebrates and encourages the natural variety of ideas that occurs in a diverse workplace. Performance, productivity, collaboration, employee engagement, and employee loyalty all increase, and employees are overall more creative when they work with people with different ideas.

In this workshop, we’ll:

  • Define the workplace populations that are regularly overlooked
  • Identify these employees’ attributes and behaviors and why they often go unnoticed
  • Explore how and why they make great employees
  • Identify how supervisors, managers, and other company leaders can unleash this population’s strengths
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