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The City of Portland and the Portland Development Commission (PDC) have identified the Athletic and Outdoor (A&O) industry as a target for the city’s economic development and job creation strategies. In an effort to assist small to medium sized A&O companies and support entrepreneurs in this industry, the Peer to Peer (P2P) program was started in 2011.

Since its creation, three classes of CEOs of growing companies have come together on a bi-monthly basis to share experiences and learn best practices from each other, as well as from professional service providers with experience in accounting, finance, social media, etc. Each facilitated session focuses on a particular topic that the group has selected and deemed important to growing an A&O business.

2014 Sessions included:

  • Forming a Board of Advisors w/ Sean Beers
  • Strategic Planning w/ Sean Beers
  • Financial Planning and Management w/ Tim Gillette, TKW
  • Effective Sales Management Techniques for Emerging Brands w/ Brian Chaney, Korkers
  • Legal Foundations and Best Practices w/ Michael Phillips, DWT
  • Supply Chain and Operations w/ Bill Brady and Paul Pfeifer, OIA Global

Class of 2014 included:

  • Seamus Golf
  • Portland Design Works
  • Handful
  • Sweet Spot Skirts
  • Bridge & Burn
  • Orox Leather
  • Cilogear
  • Flipside Hats
  • Caldera International

P2P 2015

P2P 2015 will be the fourth year of this successful program and will continue to engage executives of A&O companies, create a forum for shared learning, and help companies maintain growth. The PDC is organizing this fourth series of roundtables – Peer to Peer 2015 – for up to 10 companies. Sessions will be facilitated by Sean Beers, who is a seasoned A&O executive with leadership experience at Columbia Sportswear, Korkers, and currently at Portland Product Werks.

Sessions will focus on business topics such as inventory planning, marketing essentials, financing growth, and acquiring talent. First time participants of 2014’s P2P classes are encouraged to apply again. Individuals that have participated in two years of classes are encouraged to sign up as mentors for the incoming class.

Participants in P2P 2015 will receive:

  • Six sessions over 12 months
  • One-on-one consulting services with facilitator
  • Two informal networking events
  • Content from sessions, including toolkits, templates, and notes, posted on password protected portion of A&O website

Companies that meet the following criteria are encouraged to apply:

  • Consumer products with emphasis on footwear, apparel, accessories, and equipment/gear
  • Based in the Portland metropolitan region
  • Minimum $300,000 – $500,000 in annual revenue for the previous year

CEOs or executives of companies that are chosen to participate must commit to attending at least 4 sessions. A participation fee of $300 will be charged to cover facilitation and event costs.*

Proposed Dates for 2015 sessions:

  • 2/25 – Intro session (required)
  • 3/25 – Session #1- Inventory Planning
  • 5/27 – Session #2- Marketing Essentials Pt. 1
  • 7/29 – Session #3- Marketing Essentials Pt. 2 (mid year party)
  • 9/23 – Session #4- Working Capital
  • 12/9 – Session #5- Human Capital (end of year party)

If you have questions, contact Sue Bal at 503-823-3308 or bals@pdc.us.

* An opportunity to waive the fee by becoming a mentor to startup companies will be discussed at the first session.

Application form

The deadline to apply is Friday, February 13 at 5 pm.

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