Posted on 10.3.12

Sean Beers – CEO, Korkers


My job is to create a vision for the future of our company and then fulfill that vision by coordinating actions within the product, marketing, finance, and operations areas of the business to ensure that we are making progress.

Believe it or not, I don’t consider what I do work. That doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult at times, but I thoroughly enjoy it—from the creative elements to the more mundane finance and operational aspects of the business, I am thrilled to be involved in Korkers and the other businesses in which I have an interest.

Of course, I wouldn’t have much of a social or family life if that was all I did, so I do find time to fly fish, ski, coach and play basketball, goof around with my kids, and play a little guitar.

The opportunity to devise ever improved solutions to age old problems, enabling people to go further, faster, and more safely in the outdoors, is really what gets me excited about facing every day. From what I can tell the biggest challenges have yet to be solved, which means I’ll have plenty to do in the next several decades. The eternal optimist in me believes that the best is yet ahead!