Portland Textile Month: Call for Applications

July 30, 2021

Portland Textile Month is now accepting programming applications for the 2021 TextileX Month New Traditions Festival.

Programming types include:

  • Talk or Lecture
  • Workshop
  • Retail Sale
  • Virtual Workshop or talk
  • Exhibit or installations

This year’s theme –  New Traditions – is considering the questions that shape this contemporary moment and its broad implications. 

In this moment of rapid transformation what traditions do we preserve and build upon and what do we rethink and rebuild anew? 
How can we transform our textile practices, collections, materials, businesses, institutions, and educational systems to serve a more inclusive, equitable, sustainable, and connected purpose
What is the future we want to weave and how do we build it together? 
Their continued goal for next year’s festival is to engage, share ideas, histories, knowledge, experiences, and practices across myriad cultures, viewpoints, and generations.
Apply now