Sales and Marketing Manager


We at CNOC Outdoors are looking for a Sales and Marketing Manager who is a hustler at heart and loves interacting with people. This is a job for someone who likes high pressure, fast paced work environments all while having a great time geeking over gear. We’re looking for someone to particularly focus on digital DTC sales with a touch of marketing, design and whatever additional added value you might bring to the table!

You don’t need to have outdoors industry experience, but you do have to be a backpacker who has been active (at minimum) as a customer in the outdoors retail market and we expect you to know your gear. You also need to have sales and marketing experience. Ideally, you’re ready to combine these two passions and make some magic at CNOC.

This is a hands-on position while also creating long term strategy for the company. You will need to be comfortable writing copy, tweak websites, build flows and so much more to be part of the company’s growth. Networking and relationship building is a key part of our past growth and you should be ready to have a lot of interaction with people: online, on calls and even in person.

If you don’t know us already, please check us out online before sending in your cover letter and resume. We want to hear from you, the person, as well as you, the professional. Please note, while COVID work situations can be negotiated, in the long term this position will be based in our warehouse in Portland, OR.

Full Time
3376 SE 20th Ave, Portland 97202