2014 Peer to Peer Class Selected

PDC’s Peer to Peer (P2P) program began in 2011 in an effort to assist small to medium sized A&O companies and support entrepreneurs in the industry. Now in its third year, the P2P program continues to engage CEOs and executives of small to medium sized A&O companies by creating a forum for shared learning and business knowledge.

P2P participants come together on a bi-monthly basis to share experiences and learn best practices from each other, as well as from professional service providers with experience in accounting, finance, social media, and marketing. Each facilitated session focuses on a particular topic that the group has selected and deemed important to growing an A&O business.

PDC is proud to announce the 2014 Peer to Peer Class:
Seamus Golf
Portland Design Works (PDW)
Sweet Spot Skirts
Flipside Hats
Orox Leather
Bridge and Burn

Sessions will be facilitated by Jim Clark and Sean Beers, both seasoned A&O executives, and will focus on business topics selected by the group.

For more information on the P2P program and how you can participate, please email pdxao@pdc.us