Fabrication Manager

Minimal Gear

Minimal Gear is looking for a passionate outdoors person with long term production ambitions to join our team and take over our fabrication process, leading production of the only domestically made trekking poles under the Diorite Gear brand.
This is a position for someone who loves to make gear and is interested in making that happen on a big(ger) scale, taking our existing production from workshop level to a full factory. You will need to always be looking forward to new ways to create, improve and perfect the fabrication and assembly process. You should be comfortable with adhesives across different substrates, machining, tooling, scaling quantity and all while staying safe.
This is a growth position with an eye towards establishing best practices for our overall manufacturing capabilities as we continue to develop and release new products. A person with a mind towards innovation and out of box solutions is needed to be part of our team and the future of our company. We are committed to lean manufacturing and sustainable practices in a safe work environment, and we want you to feel comfortable leading the way.
This position will start with on-hand fabrication while learning our existing process with our assembler. You will be managing the current fabrication team while planning for growth that will include hiring, training and developing a fabrication and the assembly team. Some management experience is needed along with a willingness to “get your hands dirty” in making real products for our customers.
Minimal Gear is a small, agile and innovative company. We make backpacking gear in ways that defy industries and markets, bringing the best solutions we can think of to outdoor adventurers. We truly believe that the outdoors belongs to everyone and work hard to increase inclusivity outdoors. We are growing quickly, and you will take part in creating our products and culture when you join our journey.

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
● Fabricate and assemble trekking poles using adhesives, heat transfer, and power tools
● Design a lean and efficient production line while keeping an eye on increased innovation and QA
● Create and maintain a fabrication workflow to match sales needs
● Hire, train and manage a fabrication team
● Source, order and forecast material use while aiming for the most ethical and sustainable suppliers
● Determine and write safety rules and best practices for the workshop

● Experienced outdoors enthusiast (preferably a backpacker, thru-hiker or bikepacker)
● Experienced fabricator, comfortable with establishing new processes and methods of production
● Prior experience with carbon fiber/aluminum/plastics/others in a fabrication/production setting
● Creative problem solver and general out of the box thinker
● Have helpful/friendly/professional interpersonal skills, including writing skills for emails
● Able to lift 50+ lb loads and stand for 8 hours
● Able to assemble parts, fixtures and machinery
● Willingness and interest in learning new aspects of manufacturing and machinery operation

We offer a base salary of $50,000 annually, yearly bonus, open paid time off and 401K match after 3 months. We hope to be able to offer additional benefits later in the year as the company grows.

Full Time
Portland, OR 97202