Mont Bell America Opens New Retail Store in Downtown Portland

Mont Bell, the Japanese outdoor brand, will be opening its first retail store in downtown Portland. The store will be located at 902 SW Yamhill St. near Director Park; PDC’s storefront improvement program helped the company make facade and signage improvements to the building. The new store will be open to the public on Saturday, October 5, 2013.

Company press release below:

MontBell, a mountain inspired brand originated in Japan, formally announced plans to bring their enlightened concepts to customers in the greater Portland area with the opening of a 3500 square foot retail store just 2 blocks from Pioneer Square on October 5th.

Located at 902 SW Yamhill Street in Portland, this flagship location will feature an extensive selection of alpine climbing, backpacking, and camping gear, as well as activity specific and outdoor inspired apparel. As with all MontBell locations, the store will feature award winning Light & Fast product designs, knowledgeable sales associates, and special events tailored to outdoor enthusiasts.

In addition to investing in hip, active communities with robust economies like Portland with brick-and-mortar store locations, MontBell also operates an ecommerce store. With this desire to blend the tactile benefits of retail storefronts with the convenience and broad distribution of business on the internet the brand hopes to expand awareness around the country by offering those passionate about outdoor experiences exposure to the retailer’s unique designs, comprehensive product selection and legendary value. Shoppers can find MontBell of North America on the web at

It was in the high mountains that the MontBell brand was born – in 1969 on the North Face of the Eiger. Isamu Tatsuno, the founder of MontBell, was 21 years old when his 21-hour ascent of the famed summit was the fastest on record. This brilliant success was even more impressive considering the limitations of the equipment. The clothing and gear available at that time was cumbersome and ill suited to the conditions and his lightening fast style of ascent. The arduous effort of the climb made him damp beneath his layers, while the melt water soaked him from the outside. That challenging experience gave Tatsuno the idea for MontBell, a company that would strive to unburden all types of outdoor recreationalists by creating clothing and equipment impressively light, yet comfortable in all conditions. It is a simple idea born from extremes.

The unique blend of function and beauty (known in Japan as Kinoubi) continues to drive product innovation at MontBell through impeccable attention to detail and the application of revolutionary materials.

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Source: Mont Bell America