Nau Brand Acquired by Korean-based Black Yak

PORTLAND, Oregon (October 2, 2013)–

Black Yak Co. Ltd (Black Yak) today announced the acquisition of Portland, Oregon-based sustainable urban and outdoor brand, Nau. Known for its steadfast design philosophy focused on offering integrated designs for the modern mobile life, Nau will function as a wholly owned, independent subsidiary of the 40-year-old Korean outdoor company. Black Yak purchased Nau from Santa Barbara-based apparel firm, Horny Toad for an undisclosed figure.

Effective immediately, Nau will add two Black Yak executives to its Portland leadership team. Mr. Jun Suk Kang will serve as the brand’s new president and Mr. DH Lee will serve as vice president and secretary. Both will join Nau co-founder and GM Mark Galbraith in forming the brand’s global growth strategy.

“The Black Yak team is incredibly talented and brings substantial global expertise and resources to Nau,” stated Galbraith. “Beyond Black Yak’s operational capabilities, their team is incredibly invested and passionate in our brand. I feel we have the right partnership in place to realize our full potential while upholding our core tenants in design and practice.”

Based in Seoul, Korea in 1973, Black Yak has built an exceptional reputation in the outdoor industry as a wholesaler, licensee and retailer with more than 300 stores. The Black Yak organization owns and operates the Black Yak label, an authentic mountaineering brand and recognized in the Korean and Chinese marketplace, the Mountia brand, and Nau. Additionally, the company licenses British Original brand, Karrimor, and the U.S-based Marmot for the Korean market. The addition of Nau to the Black Yak portfolio is a strategic opportunity for the company to lead a paradigm shift in the global outdoor market by helping grow a pioneering brand in fashionable, sustainable outdoor performance on a global basis.

“The partnering of Nau and Black Yak will bring enormous synergy for both brands and we are confident that Nau will capitalize on the growth opportunities within the U.S. and globally,” stated Kang. “With their sense of purpose and design philosophy, Nau has built a truly distinct market opportunity.”

The Nau brand first came to the attention of Kang during a retail visit in Chicago more than five years ago. Recognizing Nau’s refined design aesthetic as a standout on the floor, he made a prophetic promise to himself that one day he would be part of the brand. Some five years later, his family’s business took ownership of the Nau.

Kang and his team have set forth immediate priorities for the brand in an effort to further strengthen the brand’s infrastructure in the U.S. Together they aim to further the brand’s investment in innovation and product development, support internal infrastructure with some additional key appointments, invest in digital and consumer-facing communications, and optimize operations in an effort to better serve the retail and consumer communities.

About Nau
Nau (pronounced “now”) is a clothing company based in Portland, Oregon and a wholly owned, independent subsidiary of Black Yak. They design, make and sell sustainable urban + outdoor apparel― integrated designs for the modern mobile lifestyle. Nau is committed to the power of business as a force for positive change, seeking to balance the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. To learn more about Nau, please visit

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