Orox Leather Co expands to Pearl Storefront

Orox Leather Co has been in the Martinez family for over 40 years, passing down their traditions, craftsmanship and passion for leather making from generation to generation. From selling their goods out of a garage, at Saturday Markets and online, they are excited to announce a new store front expansion!

The new store, located at 450 NW Couch Street in downtown Portland Oregon will feature expanded merchandise — sandals to bags, purses, wallets, keychains, hats…. all in the hopes of creating a more harmonious line for this unique neighborhood that features the Church of Elvis (which, by the way, performs marriages).  We are not positive as to whether or not the marriages are legally binding, but we do know that your relationship with your Orox products will last a lifetime.

From kindergarten to grad school, Orox handmade products will be there with stylish practicality and quality you can trust.


Orox Leather Co
450 Couch St
Portland OR