A&O Company Spotlight: Nau


Your Name & Title:
Gordon Seabury, President and CEO of Nau and Horny Toad

Company Name and Description:
Nau. We make sustainable urban and outdoor performance apparel.

Year Founded:

Besides your own, what Portland company or companies do you think are doing the most exciting work/design?
Snow Peak. They are a Japanese camping company, but have their US HQ in Portland and have some really great designs.

What do you consider the advantages of being based in Portland, OR?
It’s good weather for our brand. We are making outdoor active apparel that is meant to be worn in an urban setting as well, so we design products that can handle the rain and the snow and look good at the same time.

We really design clothes for ourselves, clothing that can endure working hard and playing hard. Nau employees commute to work on their bikes, they hike, they run, they’re out at the mountain on the weekend, but they are still enjoying the benefits of an urban lifestyle in Portland.