Portland Sewing to Offer Business of Apparel Classes

PORTLAND, OR- August 11, 2014-

Owner and director of Portland Sewing, Sharon Blair, announced today the launch of the most comprehensive series of the “business of apparel” classes in Oregon.  An incubator, sewing instruction center and a preparatory and finishing school for apparel designers and apparel companies, Portland Sewing will offer the most advanced line-up of apparel business classes in the state, further establishing Portland as the market center for the apparel industry.

As part of the approximately 40 beginning-to-advanced apparel classes offered this fall, which is more than any other instructional offering in the region, Portland Sewing will place a special focus on the apparel business program and educating designers on how to bring their line to market.  Additionally, as part of these apparel business classes, Portland Sewing will have guest speakers from leading local apparel companies including Nike, Inc. and from local fashion designers and local boutique owners of Radish Underground and Mabel & Zora.

Offered as either individual classes on Saturdays for $52/class or $499/series, or as or as a six-week course for $235 or $279, from September to November of this year, the apparel business classes will include the following classes as part of the business program:

  • Start an Apparel Business;
  • Working with Production (Guest Speaker: Alyson Clair, Clair Vintage Inspired designer, Wilson Tennis Senior Apparel Developer, Nike Product Developer, Wilson Tennis/Nike);
  • Costing & Pricing (Guest Speaker: Laura Tempesta, Innovation Senior DeveloperNike);
  • Working with Boutiques (Guest Speaker: Celeste Sipes, Owner, Radish Underground);
  • Merchandising (Guest Speaker: Tiffany Bean, Owner, Mabel & Zora);
  • Contracting Basics for Apparel (Guest Speaker: Owen Schmidt, Attorney);
  • Truth about Trade Shows (Guest Speaker: Jason Calderon, West Daily); and
  • Create an Apparel Business Plan.

About Portland Sewing

Portland Sewing is an incubator, sewing instruction center and preparatory and finishing school for apparel designers, apparel companies and aspirants. It offers classes from beginning to advanced sewing, tailoring, draping, design and specialty classes on zippers, textiles and sewing difficult fabrics, and most importantly, classes on the business of apparel.  Portland Sewing’s goal is to create and improve apparel skills and apparel business skills for those who are in, or who want to enter, the apparel industry.  For more information, please visit www.portlandsewing.com.