Portland Textile Month: Applications now open

Portland Textile Month is now accepting programming applications for their October 2021 TextileX Month New Traditions Festival.

The type of programming applications include:

  • Talk or Lecture
  • Workshop
  • Retail Sale
  • Virtual Workshop or talk
  • Exhibits or installations
  • Projects or collaborations

Entering its third year, Portland Textile Month is reaching further to broaden participation, diversify perspectives, and increase their reach to include other cities and textile communities throughout the world.

Now through July 30th, they are accepting applications to be part of their next event. They are looking for in-person & virtual programming ideas that ask:⁠

  • In these rapidly changing times, what traditions do we preserve and build upon and what do we rethink and rebuild as New Traditions?⁠
  • How can we transform our textile practices, collections, materials, businesses, institutions, and educational systems to serve a more inclusive, equitable, sustainable, and connected purpose?⁠
  • What is the future we want to weave together and how do we build it together? ⁠
  • ⁠Submissions are open to all individuals, artists, businesses, organizations, and institutions based in Portland or beyond. ⁠

Apply by July 30

Portland Textile Month is part of a mission-driven social enterprise conceived of, incubated, and funded within Textile Hive to foster exchange among the local textile community and beyond. Portland Textile Month was brought to life through the contributions of a core group of committed volunteers.


Portland Textile Month aims to galvanize the local textile community for a month-long festival of events centered around knowledge-sharing and cross-pollination between enthusiasts, artists, businesses, and institutions. We provide an open platform to engage and share ideas, histories, knowledge, experiences, and practices across myriad cultures, viewpoints, and generations.


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