Sock It To Me quadruples sales and gets featured in Forbes

Carrie Atkinson founded Sock it To Me, an Oregon based fun and funky socks and underwear company, in 2004.

In 2012, Carrie hired Michelle Walker, a former PepsiCo marketing executive, who became Sock It To Me’s CEO, to help the business fully realize its potential. Since then, the company has quadrupled its sales, and Forbes estimates that the fifty-person company is on track to generate $13 million in revenue this year.

Forbes recently featured Carrie and Michelle in an interview about how they made Sock It To Me a more data-based, customer-focused company while simultaneously scaling rapidly. From understanding their direct vs. wholesale business, establishing their product as self-expression rather than a commodity, finding a CEO, and developing a stronger internal structure and communication system, there is a lot to learn from this local company and from this Forbes article!

For the full Forbes article, read How Online Sock Seller Sock It To Me Got Serious And Quadrupled Its Sales

To learn more about Sock It To Me, click on the image to watch their sockumentary: