University of Oregon leading effort to secure federal funding for fiber and textiles innovation

More than two years ago President Obama announced that his administration would create National Network Manufacturing Innovation Institutes (NNMI) to reinvent manufacturing in the United States.  His administration has announced 8 Institutes ranging from light weight metals & composites to digital manufacturing & flexible electronics.

The administration recently announced the ninth and probably last NNMI – an Institute to revolutionize Fibers & Textiles to create and manufacture a new generation of high performance apparel, footwear and outdoor equipment for the military and consumer goods markets. Fact sheet

The federal government runs a winner-take-all competition usually organized by leading universities and large companies for the right to develop and operate the Institute. The winner receives $75 million from the federal government and when matched by private businesses and state governments, the budget is $150 million. The institute has five years to create a sustainable applied research, development and educational enterprise.

The University of Oregon has teamed-up with the research powerhouses of Georgia Tech, North Carolina State and UMass-Lowell to compete for this Manufacturing Innovation Institute on Fibers & Textiles.  Assuming this front-running team wins the federal competition, the UO will lead the west coast hub focusing on high performance sustainable products that can be created, designed and manufactured in USA.

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