WILD Outdoor Apparel brand launches

Portland, Ore. (March 22, 2013) — Portland’s own WILD Outdoor Apparel brand launches,
March 22nd 2013. WILD is accepting online orders via another startup, the crowd funding
retailer, Crowd Supply (www.crowdsupply.com).

Focused on vibrant winter apparel that is both technical and eye-catching, WILD will outfit the adventurous in style, with a locally designed line of outerwear produced in limited editions.

Founder Dan Tiegs started WILD with a commitment to individualism and style. “Winter apparel doesn’t have to sacrifice form for function,” said Tiegs. “You can look cool and still be wearing a technical garment, and WILD proves that”. WILD’s current lineup includes technical shells, parkas, insulating layers and pants. The first piece will be launched online March 22nd through

Crowd Supply, a site that supports independent design and manufacturing. The unique color schemes and sophisticated features make WILD Outdoor Apparel a Pacific Northwest go-to for facing unpredictable weather on the slopes or equally unpredictable weather in town.

All WILD wear is created and tested in Portland, Oregon, home to sleet, rain, snow, and more, sometimes all in a single day. Like the rugged Northwest itself, WILD embodies the free spirit and forward thinking of its natural environment. Each WILD style bears a spirit animal; the owl for men’s wear and the fox for women’s. The icons symbolize the brand’s commitment to all things wild, from an urban hike to an epic backcountry powder day.

Tiegs, a veteran of the Portland performance apparel community (Columbia Sportswear Co., Solstice Outdoor Inc., Hi-Tec Sports), does small run apparel batches, overseeing everything from idea to creation, design to production. It’s a lot of work, but that’s part of what makes WILD wild; an independent drive to bring something fun and unique to technical outdoor apparel.

Dan Tiegs