Building a Brand Online: How to Plan & Grow Your Social Media Presence

Prosper Portland has partnered with Asia Rau, founder of Sparrow Soirées for an upcoming event – Building a Brand Online: How to Plan & Grow Your Social Media Presence – on Thursday June 7th from 5:30-7pm.

“Social Media can be a powerful tool for tapping into new markets as well as keep one’s current base interested and supportive. Social media is a crucial aspect of reaching various audiences; but it’s not a quick and easy fix – it takes time to build and create a loyal audience.” – Asia Rau

This event, ideal for small business owners, entrepreneurs, anyone getting ready to launch a brand or looking to take their brand to the ‘next level’ in reaching new audiences. Asia share why your brand’s story can build a loyal community of brand ambassadors, how an audit and creating a digital strategy will save you time and sanity, why it still matters to be present IRL and how to best improve their own digital strategy overall.

“I hope this conversation helps people learn and find tools that work best for their needs, be more efficient with their social media plans so they can focus on their customers.”

Event outline:

  1. Share: Learn why your brand’s story can create trust and loyalty.
  2. Audit: Discover why an audit is a strategy’s foundation.
  3. Plan: Create a strategy to save you time and sanity.
  4. Evolve: Understand how to keep your current audience interested while attracting new followers.
  5. Balance: Create a brand that works in digital and lives in analog.

“Every brand is unique, as are its current and potential audiences, so having a willingness to learn and borrow from various strategies and best practices to improve one’s own marketing plan can be vital for growing and being successful on and offline.”

Tickets to the event are $10 and the event will be hosted at Prosper Portland in their Commission Room.


“I truly love helping brands balance their digital relationships with their analog kinships; both have a place in business and it’s important to remember one cannot replace the other.”


Asia is the founder and creative director at Sparrow Soirées  a social media marketing and digital strategy consulting boutique. Originally starting her business as an event designer, offering a social media component, she flipped her business plan on its head after receiving numerous requests for social media marketing from clients. Now getting social, digitally speaking, is her business’ core service. With lady-like moxie, a dash of humor, and coffee in hand, she works alongside her clients, ranging from local mom & pop shops to national brands, to educate and help them strike a balance between their digital lives and analog kinships in their digital marketing strategies.

“I enjoy learning about a brand, the story behind it, and how to best build a loyal community of ambassadors, followers and clients. I enjoy working alongside and teaching clients how to apply and use a strategy specifically created for them.”